Sandwich Wildlife Park is a unique park which is not open to walk in visits, however the animals can be met during special events and through close encounters by appointment only.  If you want the experiences you have always loved at Wingham Wildlife Park* but want them in a more private location, Sandwich Wildlife Park might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our unique experiences make the perfect treat for yourself or an amazing present for someone special!

Who Will I Be Able To Meet?

At Sandwich Wildlife Park we will be offering  a chance to meet a cusimanse!

…  A what?

Cusimanse experiences are a perfect alternative for the meerkat experience.  They are a very similar species and are just as curious as the the cute little animals made famous on the tv!

Speaking of meerkats, of course you can also opt to meet our meerkats who live just around the corner from our cusimanse, in their own experience.

If you’re not a fan of tiny carnivores, perhaps primates are more up your street?  Just like our popular experience in Wingham we offer a one on one encounter with our bachelor group of ring tailed lemurs.

Finally we also have a very unique experience which we are in a position to offer due to the background of our beautiful African crested porcupine, Nancy.  Nancy had a tough start and had to be hand reared, however due to this she craves being around people.  So why not help us feed this beauty and spend some good quality time with her!  She’s an absolute superstar and much more cuddly than you might expect from these spiky critters.


*not all experiences which are held at Wingham Wildlife Park are available at Sandwich Wildlife Park, which also vice versa has species which are not available to be seen at Wingham Wildlife Park.

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