African Pygmy Goat Natural History

Range & habitat

This is a domesticated goat breed which does not have a natural range, however their origin stems from the Cameroon Valley of West Africa.


African pygmy goats can be encouraged to breed all year round however will generally only give birth to a single young, however it is not uncommon for more young to be born from a single female.

This is a grazing animal which uses grass and other ground plants to make up the majority of its diet, however it must also include dried foods such as hay and a variety of seeds and grains.


Height; 60cm

Weight; 39kg


This goat species does not face any specific threats in the wild and has no IUCN rating as it is a domesticated breed which cannot be found in the wild.


The African Pygmy Goat at Sandwich Wildlife Park

The female African pygmy goats which live at Sandwich Wildlife Park are located by the car park where they really enjoy using the raised platforms and walkways to get a good view of what is going on in the park, the car park and across the road…  They are a really inquisitive and playful species.

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