Yemen Chameleon Natural History

Range & habitat

Various relatively dry habitats through parts of Yemen and Saudi Arabia make up the home range for this species which is comfortable living both in valley as well as mountainous regions.


This is an arboreal species which mainly feeds on insects however it does also eat some plant matter, however this is mostly for the moisture content in their dry habitats.

Contrary to popular belief this chameleon cannot change colour to anything it wants in order to blend in.  Whilst it can change the colour of its skin and it does aid with camouflage it is more commonly used to show mood or social interactions and is restricted to various shades of green, yellow, orange and brown.


Length; 35 – 60cm (however usually appears much shorter as the tail is mostly curled up)

Weight; 85 – 170g


This species does not face any great threats in the wild, other than still being taken as part of the pet trade in small numbers.


The Yemen chameleon at Sandwich Wildlife Park

The Yemen chameleons (also known as veiled chameleons) at our park were captive bred in the UK and live in a temperature controlled micro climate within the rainforest area.

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