We have a beautiful 5.5 acre site which gives a vast range of filming opportunities for commercial applications, whether it be an advertising campaign, documentary, movie, short drama, music videos, online content or to produce stock / library footage please feel free to get in touch about the opportunities available here.

At Sandwich Wildlife Park we can accommodate a variety of different filming methods after consideration of any ethical questions which may include more traditional filming methods through to use of drones, cctv systems, camera traps and even small cameras (such as go pro) installed inside enclosures for a candid view of their lives.

At our core we are of course a wildlife park and as such can offer a wildlife park setting for many applications, along with having a great range of species on display which can be filmed for a wide variety of purposes.  Many of our enclosures are designed with photographers in mind allowing you to get the most benefit from the animals at our park.

We offer our services not only to film the animals but also use various locations within the park which can range from enclosure exteriors and interiors, coffee shop, car parking, forest, tropical house setting, to mention just a few.  Depending on the number of people attending as part of your crew, the impact upon the public, times & dates and the length your filming visit, site fees vary starting from just £500.

For more details about our collection, scenery available for use and to talk to us about your project & where we might be able to fit in please use the contact form below.  Site visits for commercial photo shoots can also be arranged using the following form.  If you are a location scout looking for a site which is perhaps a little more private and quiet, we might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

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