We have had a number of people ask us about whether the situation surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus strain has impacted our opening hours. Please see below for any restrictions in place.

Restrictions & Closures

Coffee shop – Whilst the animal experiences will continue as it stands with the restrictions below, the coffee shop will be closed until further notice as we do not have the staff available to be able to open. We apologise, however hope for your understanding during this time.

Ring tailed lemurs – Any experiences which had been booked in with this species will be postponed until further notice. This measure is in place to safeguard our primates.

If you have an experience booked with us for any of our animals and have had to self isolate please get in touch with us to talk about postponing your experience. All of our experiences other than the ring tailed lemur one can still go ahead as it stands, however at this time with the closure of our coffee shop we would ask that you arrive just a 5 minutes before your time slot and the keeper running your experience will come out to meet you in the car park. You will not be able to purchase refreshments or meals on site.

What can you do?

We are following the government guidelines for employers and businesses closely as our actions can affect people and animals (especially primates) alike. As such we ask all of our staff to wash their hands thoroughly and often (which is nothing unusual out of their daily routines) and ask our visitors to follow the same advice.

The government advises that you should catch your coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of them, as well as washing your hands often and thoroughly with warm water and soap for 20 seconds. You are never very far away from a sink with warm water at the park to keep you clean and safe during a day out with us. The clearest posters we have found for how to keep safe have come from the World Health Organisation and we have included these below:

We will continue to monitor government advice on this situation, however as it stands, certainly in our local area there are no restrictions in place for public gatherings. If this government advice should change we will let you know.

We have had a number of people ask how they can help with the animals. We are trying to keep our supply levels as high as we can, however in case of shortages of certain products please do feel free to continue donating items as some of you do from time to time. We will always use vegetables, peanut butter, honey, nuts (lots of nuts) and other similar items. If in doubt but you want to help please get in touch with the form below:

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