Ring tailed lemur Natural History

Range & habitat
These lemurs can only be found in some isolated areas of dry forest and bush in the southern and southwestern areas of the African island of Madagascar.

these sun worshiping animals (they love to sun bathe and huddle together in a group when it gets cold), live in groups of up to 30 individuals, spending most of their waking hours during the day.

These territorial animals have a number of ways to show where their home is. A wide range of vocalisations can convey a variety of different messages, whilst an act called a stink fight, can help to drill home their message. males will heavily scent their tails and waft them at their opponents.

Head & Body Length; 45cm

Tail length; 63cm

Weight; 2.5kg

The iucn class this species has endangered, however it is suffering a terrible on-going decline, due to the bush meat & exotic pet trade as well as habitat destruction. At now less than 2,000 individuals estimated to remain in the wild, the wild population is smaller than the zoo population.

ring tailed lemur 1.jpg

The ring tailed lemur at Sandwich Wildlife Park

Sandwich Wildlife Park is home to a bachelor group of males from Wingham Wildlife Park.  Our sister park has a great track record of breeding this amazing species and has sent individuals all over the world to join and start successful breeding groups elsewhere, however we have reserved some of our well loved individuals to live at SWP to educate the public about this amazing species.

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