Llama Natural History

Range & habitat

This South American species can be found across much of Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.


The llama is a grazing animal which feeds predominantly on grass and other ground plants.

This species is a seasonal breeder which will only breed in time where vegetation is plentiful in their range to ensure that the young can be fed well after birth.

Llamas are cousins of alpacas, vicuna and camels all of which will spit when feeling threatened.


Height; 1.8m

Weight; 200kg


Due to this animals popularity as a companion species as well as for their wool and meat, they are bred in captivity at a high volume in their home range.  As such wild individuals are not threatened and many privately owned individuals are often relatively free roaming.


The Llama at Sandwich Wildlife Park

The llamas (2 boys and 1 girl) live in the woodland next to our car park where they are able to graze on the natural browse which the little section of woodland provides whilst also having plenty of shelter.  If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of these guys from your way in to the park.

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