Bennett’s Wallaby Natural History

Range & habitat

Originally this species only occurred in Australia, including off shore locations such as Tasmania.  However it has also been introduced (mostly by accident from escaped pet animals) to various other countries including New Zealand, France and the UK.  It can mostly be found in scrub land and coastal forests, however adapts well to a wide variety of habitats, as long as there is a food source.


This is a grazing animal which spends much of its time between feeding and resting.  When resources are abundant they can be found to be a very social animal, however in areas where food is more scarce, they appear to be equally comfortable living solitary lives.

Being a marsupial, this species will give birth, with the very under-developed young making its way in to the pouch where it will be reared for around 280 days.  Once the young is ready to leave the pouch it will only stay with the mother for another month or so allowing the female to breed again the following year.


Height; 90cm

Weight; 14 – 19kg


In the past this species was heavily hunted, however with restrictions in place, it is now very much rebounding through most of its range.


The Bennett’s Wallaby at Sandwich Wildlife Park

Our group of Bennett’s wallabies, also sometimes called red necked wallabies is a bachelor group, with all the males coming to us from Peak Wildlife Park.

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