What is a maned wolf experience?

You will meet one of our keepers who will walk you to the outdoor maned wolf enclosure, where they will tell you a little more about what is going to happen and go through some health and safety about the experience.

You will then be joined by our maned wolves for an up close and personal meeting (through the safety of a steel wire fence of course).

This experience is about spending some time with these amazing animals.  To do this, the keeper will introduce you to one of the wolves allowing you to give them a scratch and stroke through the wire.  This experience doesn’t involve any feeding.

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The time with the maned wolf will be around 15 minutes – after this they usually get bored of new people, and as soon as they are finished, or no longer want to do the encounter it is time to say good bye to your new furry friend – our animals never have to do anything they don’t wish to and we can never guarantee a set amount or level of contact.

Are there any maned wolf experience restrictions?

Due to the close proximity with a dangerous animal (even though through a safety barrier) this experience is not suitable for people who are unable to see or follow / understand oral safety instructions in English.

The minimum age for this experience is 16 years.


What’s included in the maned wolf experience price?

As of now the Sandwich Wildlife Park is still a work in progress and is not a site where you can spend the day and walk around on your own.  As such, when you are paying for a maned wolf experience, that is all which is included in the price.  You will be met by one of our keepers who will walk you to and from our reception, giving you a short insight in to the on-going work which we are doing in the park.  En-route you will however inevitably still see some of our other species.  Including the experience, walk to and from reception and health & safety briefing, please expect to be at the park for 30 minutes.

The price is for one person to do the experience and for one other person to come along (not doing the experience) as a spectator to ensure that they can get some nice photos of you meeting the maned wolf.  If you wish to have any further spectators these can be purchased at a cost of £5 extra per person.  However please note that once again they will not be able to explore the rest of the park.

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How much does the maned wolf experience cost?

The maned wolf experience costs £60 per person including 1 free spectator and can only cater for one person to do the experience at a time.

Extra spectator tickets cost £5 per person

Terms and conditions apply


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