Please read the following rules for exhibiting a stall at one or more of our pop up markets and then complete the form at the end in full to accept the stall spaces which you have been offered by e-mail.  Only dates which have been confirmed as available by e-mail can be confirmed here.

  1. You may not sell or advertise any products or activities which directly go against the wildlife and conservation message of Sandwich Wildlife Park.
  2. You may not sell or advertise any products or services of an adult nature.
  3. You may not sell items which Sandwich Wildlife Park sells, such as experience days, zoo entrance tickets, beverages (hot or cold) and food which is to be eaten on site.  The only food to be sold on stalls is to be packaged and sold as if it were meant to be taken away.
  4. Your stall must have on it for sale products which can be sold and taken away from the premises following a direct sale on site.  You may however also sell items (such as personalisable or over sized) which are to be delivered at a later date, as long as these compliment at least some items for sale on the day.
  5. You must supply your own stall which includes, should it be needed by yourself a table and chairs, which must be made to look presentable and inviting.  We will not be able to supply any equipment, and you must be able to set up your stall unaided.
  6. You accept that the stalls are indoors unless otherwise stated.
  7. Your stall must be able to run without the use of electricity.  We may be able to supply a small number of stalls with access to an electrical socket at a charge however this must be requested and agreed before arrival.
  8. Each sales pitch will cover an area of 4 feet wide x approximately 2 feet deep (not including space for seating behind should you wish to have this), or the size of an average display table.  Please note that we also try to keep approximately 18 to 24 inches to one side of each sales table to allow for space for either a chair or to give access behind the stall.  Should you not require either, this area can be used as sales space.  However we ask that you respect the space of other sellers and do not encroach on their sales area unless agreed by them.
  9. You may not attach items to any of our walls or fixtures.  Should you require space to hang items you will need to supply your own upright display features.
  10. If you agree to display your goods you must ensure that you turn up to that market day, with a penalty fee of £20 (your deposit) per missed date, per sales pitch for not turning up – please remember that the space could have been used for free by someone else and due to social media advertising, customers may be expecting you to be there and may travel to purchase from you in particular.
  11. You will be expected to have your items on sale for the full time of the market for that day which will be advertised alongside the market date.
  12. You may not sell or exhibit any animals (alive or dead).
  13. You must tend to your own stall for the duration of that market day including all sales.  All sales must be finalized and processed by yourself using your own sales channels (whether these be cash only, mobile card payments, paypal etc.)
  14. Your stall and all products are displayed and kept on site (only if spanning 2 market days on a single weekend) at your own risk.
  15. Unless you have a stall which spans a full weekend it must be erected and dismantled at the start and end of that day.
  16. Whilst we will advertise the dates for the markets on our website and through our social media channels (both Wingham Wildlife Park and Sandwich Wildlife Park social media), you are required to advertise your stall on your social media pages should you have them.
  17. You may not display or offer advertising on your stall for any other third party suppliers / producers / individuals / companies unless agreed in advance (for example if supporting a charitable organisation).
  18. A single sales pitch may only be used by more than 1 individual seller or organisation if agreed in advance (for example each displaying their items on half of a table).
  19. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to personally sell the items which you offer for sale, including any required insurance or licenses which may be required.
  20. If you do not follow these rules you may be asked to dismantle your stall early with no compensation for potential lost sales.

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