With the African crested porcupine at Sandwich Wildlife Park we are very lucky to have an exceptionally friendly individual who we had to hand rear as a baby as she was one of 2 babies, and subsequently kicked out of the group by her sibling.  Sadly this species at a young age can be extremely competitive when it comes to feeding.

What is a porcupine experience?

You will meet one of our keepers who will walk you through our tropical house and out the other side until you get to our porcupine enclosure (this experience is done outdoors), where they will tell you a little more about what is going to happen and go through some health and safety about the experience.

You will then enter the enclosure with our keeper to meet Nancy, our African crested porcupine up close and personal.

Once you take a seat in the enclosure you will be hand feeding Nancy as she puts her front feet on you for a really close but safe encounter with this prickly individual.

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The time in the enclosure with Nancy will be around 15 minutes – after this she usually gets bored of new people, and as soon as she is finished, or she doesn’t want to do the encounter it is time to say good bye to your prickly new friend – our animals never have to do anything they don’t wish to and we can never guarantee a set amount or level of contact.

Are there any porcupine experience restrictions?

Porcupines are a very active species which likes to dig and chew – they are after all still a rodent.  As such the enclosure needs to be designed in a way which facilitates this, and as a result the enclosure does have a very uneven ground making it unsuitable for wheelchair access.

The minimum age for this experience is 4 years.


What’s included in the porcupine experience price?

As of now the Sandwich Wildlife Park is still a work in progress and is not a site where you can spend the day and walk around on your own.  As such, when you are paying for a porcupine experience, that is all which is included in the price.  You will be met by one of our keepers who will walk you to and from our reception, giving you a short insight in to the on-going work which we are doing in the park.  En-route you will however inevitably still see some of our other species.  Including the experience, walk to and from reception and health & safety briefing, please expect to be at the park for 30 minutes.

The price is for one person to do the experience and for one other person to come along (not doing the experience) as a spectator to ensure that they can get some nice photos of you meeting the porcupine.  If you wish to have any further spectators these can be purchased at a cost of £5 extra per person.  However please note that once again they will not be able to explore the rest of the park.

How much does the porcupine experience cost?

The porcupine experience costs £60 per person including 1 free spectator.  Please note that in order to enter the park unattended participants need to be a minimum age of 16 years.  If the participants is under 16 they must use their one free spectator ticket for someone aged over 16, and if the experience is for 2 people aged under 16.

Extra spectator tickets cost £5 per person

Terms and conditions apply


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