Toco Toucan Natural History

Range & habitat

This species can be found in parts of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil where it prefers savanna and woodland habitats.


These fruit eating birds will also feed on some animals such as small frogs, lizards and other smaller birds, and whilst their bill is useful for picking such fruits, it comes in most useful when preparing nest sites.  A pair will find a tree hollow and generally excavate this further using that very strong bill.  Within these nests, the females will lay 2 to 4 eggs which hatch after 17 – 18 days and will do so only once per year.


Length; 55 – 65cm

Weight; 500 – 850g


This species is classed as Least Concern by the IUCN red list, however it is poached for the pet trade as well as for its decorative bill, however generally speaking it is a common species.  Other than the availability of food, due to its preference of open habitats it is not as heavily affected by deforestation as some other species.


The Toco toucan at Sandwich Wildlife Park

At Sandwich Wildlife Park we have a single male toco toucan who lives in an aviary inside the jungle area of the park because he likes to be kept warm all year round.  He is on a fairly specialised diet which includes a lot of fresh fruits.

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