What is a tiger experience?

For the best way to see all of the big cats we have at the park and get even closer to them than usual, why not join us for our tiger feeding experience, which now includes the chance to get introduced to our other big cats by one of their knowledgeable and dedicated keepers.

The tour will start with the cheetah where the keeper will introduce you to our gorgeous female, before heading in to the park and heading towards the tiger enclosure, with a stop at the amur leopard enclosure to introduce you to one of our most endangered animals.  This is your perfect opportunity to ask that question you have always wanted to ask…  The attention of the keeper will be all yours!

There will be no contact, feeding or behind the scenes views of these cats as the best view is from the visitor viewing area!

When you arrive at the tigers, the keeper will join you on the other side of the fence, but don’t worry there will be plenty of space on the visitor side for people joining you to watch from and take some amazing photos of the most unforgettable and awe inspiring part of the experience.  The chance to feed Tora and Duke, the tigers.

The food will already be prepared and in a bowl for you which you pick out, one piece at a time and gently move it through the wire fencing using feeding tongs to allow the tiger to feed.  This is an important part of their daily training and desensitisation program, in which we desensitise them to procedures such as showing us their underside or ensuring that they come and take some food every day in case we need to sneak in some medication.

Come and give them their rewards for practicing these positions, while you learn all about this amazing endangered species not just in our park but in the wild.

Are there any tiger experience restrictions?

Due to the close proximity with a dangerous animal (even though through a safety barrier and using tongs) this experience is not suitable for people who are unable to see or follow / understand oral safety instructions in English.

The minimum age for this experience is 14 years.

tiger 1

What’s included in the tiger experience price?

When purchasing an experience ticket this fee will cover that one person doing the experience to participate.  You will be met by one of our keepers .  Including the experience and health & safety briefing, please expect to be at the park for 30 minutes, however the experience also includes entry to the park for you and one accompanying person as a spectator to ensure that they can get some nice photos of you during the experience.  If you wish to have any further spectators these can be purchased with normal day entry tickets at the same time slot as you.  Please note that the ability to walk around the park is only available for tickets booked for the 12th October or later which is when the park will open to the public.  Until then participants and spectators will not be free to wander around the park and to reflect this any additional spectators until the 12th October will be charged at £5. 

How much does the tiger experience cost?

The tiger experience costs £135 per person including 1 free spectator and can only cater for one person to do the experience at a time.  Please note that in order to enter the park unattended participants need to be a minimum age of 16 years.  If the participants is under 16 they must use their one free spectator ticket for someone aged over 16.

Terms and conditions apply


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